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Marco Island Dance Academy Competition Team



Our Goal

Our goal with the Marco Island Dance Academy competition team is to help create well rounded dancers and young people. The experience of competition is not about winning. It is about growing and maturing young dancers with accountability in respect, hard work and positive attitudes. We are only competing against ourselves and striving to gain confidence and work ethic; winning and awards are secondary.



Team  MINIS- Ages 5-6





Team  SENIORS- Ages 15-17

PRICING: We have created a special Flat Membership rate for our competition team members:  Competition Team members will be billed a Flat $245 per month per dancer participating on the competition Team.  This will include 2 (1 hour classes per week for Group comp routines) and two additional classes consisting of Acro & Ballet. There is a block schedule this year so the Ballet & Acro classes will follow either before or after their choreography day.  MINI Team will only have 30 minutes two times a week of choreography and then a ballet or acro class following.

                                                 Dress Code

Participating on a competition team requires more professionalism than the regular Dance classes. Dancers are encouraged to wear clothes that make them feel comfortable, however, dance shoes will be required for rehearsals. Hair must also be worn away from the face. It can be quite distracting to be swiping hair away while dancing.

Also please note, competitions will require makeup to be worn on stage with clean hair and proper costume pieces. We will have instructions on what makeup should be worn and how hair should be styled for each dance.

Solos, Duets, and Trios

Please note that some dancers will be offered the opportunity to perform solos, duets and trios. Dancers who do not participate in these small groups are just as much part of the team and will be treated as such. All dancers develop at many different rates and it is not a critique on any personal level if your dancer is not selected. **Choreography Fees are paid up front and include 4 privates to learn the routine. Refresher hours are billed accordingly.  Choreography routines are the sole property of Marco Island Dance Academy and can only be performed with the studio and their entered competitions only.

Travel and Accommodations

Some competitions will be out of town and require travel and lodging. All dancers will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Chaperones will also be needed for away competitions. This can be organized between parents if they wish to share the duties, however please notify MIDA of the arrangements.

Competition Schedule

Below is the competition and convention schedule for the 2024-2025 season. We will do 5 competitions Total with 1 Nationals in June.  The competitions average 1 per month and are all mainly local in Ft Myers/ Naples area.  Exact dates to be determined.   MIDA members are expected to participate in 100% of the competitions and conventions.  Please note some competitions or conventions take place over the course of a weekend. Details regarding exact locations will be sent out via email.

**Monthly class tuition of $245 plus Any additional fees would be for 1 or 2 costume fees for the season, competition entry fees & instruction at competitions (split amongst all dancers).  Team Jackets and Leotards with Pants are mandatory to purchase.   

Name                                                         Location & Date                  

Dance Convention         Naples, FL                  TBD

Headliners                                         Ft Lauderdale, FL      Feb 23-25, 2025              

Magic City Regionals                    Ft Myers, FL        March 1-2, 2025

Starpower  Talent                          Ft Myers, FL      TBD

Believe or Imagine                       Ft Myers FL         TBD

Showstoppers                                Lakeland, FL         TBD- April

Nationals      Ft Lauderdale or Orlando, FL                June 27-30 approximately

**MINIS , Beginner Juniors will attend 3 local comps only in Ft Myers** TBD Nationals

**Advanced Petites and Advanced Juniors, Beginner Petites will attend 5 plus Nationals**

Fees & Rates for dancers seeking additional routine entries:

Choreography Fees  (One Time Fee)                                                        Private Lessons

Solo  $300  (Includes 4 privates)                                                       1 hr-  $75

Duet  $200 each (Includes 4 privates)                                               1 hr-  $40 each

Trio $150 each     ( Includes 4 privates)                                            1 hr- $30 each